The Ice Collection from Canary Cosmetics

In the jar, Ice Collection colors appear white with flecks of color and sparkle. When applied, Ice Collection colors are iridescent. Mixed with a darker color, they will appear darker. Using a wet applicator will also reveal more of the color.

Ice Green and Ice Blue work well as eye shadows. Ice Pink can be used as an eye shadow, blush or a highlighter. Use Ice Sparkle to add shimmer anywhere on your face or body.

PLEASE NOTE:For purposes of illustration, the color chips you see below are somewhat darker than the product will appear in the jar, and may be darker than they will appear on your skin. On a white background, they appear white. On a dark background they become much more colorful, so the color intensity you get may depend on your skin tone and how you apply it.

Ice Blue Ice Green
ice blue ice green

Ice Blue works well as eye shadow.

Ice Green works well as eye shadow.

Ice Pink Ice Sparkle
ice pink ice sparkle

Ice Pink works well as an eye shadow or blush.

Ice Sparkle works well as an eye shadow or body sparkle.

Ice Collection Sampler

This sampler includes four, 3-gram jars: Ice Blue, Ice Green, Ice Pink and Ice Sparkle, along with eye shadow applicators.

ice blue ice green ice pink ice sparkle