Welcome to Canary Cosmetics Mineral Makeup!

Canary Cosmetics mineral makeup powder is made from the Earth's own colors, and can be used as foundation, blush, eye shadow and eye liner and lip color. It enhances your natural skin tones with pure mineral pigments and nothing else - like foundation without the liquid ingredients. It has a silky texture to give you a flawless look. We even offer a mineral finishing powder without additives to finish your look.

Our mineral makeup ingredients: Refined Iron Oxides, Mica, and Titanium Dioxide. Nothing else. 100% Minerals. To see the ingredients list for each of our products, visit the Ingredients page.

We use NO ADDITIVES -- nothing to irritate your skin. Because we use only minerals, our products have an unlimited shelf-life, which means no preservatives to irritate your skin.

Our 3-gram sample sizes are perfect for trying a color or traveling. A little goes a long way. We also have a "best value" 25-gram jar.

To keep our prices as low as possible, we cannot send out free samples. Because we are a small business, we would have to raise our prices significantly to allow for free samples. Most of our customers would rather pay less for their own products than subsidize free samples for others. That is why we offer 3-gram samples for a low price and samplers for even less. That's also why we're not able to offer refunds unless we make a mistake. See our Terms & Conditions page for details.

If you are new to mineral makeup, we suggest you start with one of our foundation samplers, which give you several 3-gram jars of different colors so you can find the shade that's perfect for you. We'd rather have you start out small at first.

Mineral powders adhere well to the skin -- especially when applied over moisturizer -- giving them great staying power and making them virtually crease-free as eye shadows. Applied wet, mineral powders can create a dramatic look. Most mineral powders will darken slightly when they mix with your skin oils. Minerals also look great as blushers and bronzers. If you want to customize colors specifically for you, mix any shades to come up with your own additional colors.

Mineral makeup is easy to work with, but as with any cosmetics, creating that look you want may require some practice. You can add your favorite moisturizer to make a liquid makeup. Add your favorite oil to make lip gloss. When mixing, add colors and moisturizer or oil in small amounts. You can always add more later. A little goes a long way with mineral makeup. Try different applicators, both wet and dry, to find what's right for you.