See what our customers have to say about Canary Cosmetics

A short note to say thanks again for your wonderful products. I love each and every item I have purchased, especially the moisturizer.
P.E., Florida

I'm so glad I found your products! Great cosmetics at a great price and so much better for me than the stuff at the drug store. I'm a Canary convert!
M.W., Mississippi

I just wanted to tell you how much I love the makeup I have ordered from you for some time now. I wouldn't use anything else. I appreciate how quickly you ship it out, too.
C.B., Nebraska

I order a lot of things online, but rarely write back with a testimonial. I like the idea of mineral makeup, and a few weeks ago, tried another brand. It made my face much too shiny. My oily skin is shiny enough, thank you. I just received my Canary Cosmetics today, tried them and I love it! Thank you for making a natural product, that covers well, is not shiny and I cannot feel it on my face! Also love the blush and lip color too. You have a new loyal customer. I'm throwing all my other makeup away!

This is my 3rd time back buying from you guys, I just want to let you know I LOVE your products. I have hated all makeup I have tried until I found yours. Thanks! :)

I ordered several different colors and have received so many compliments about my makeup (which has never happened to me before). I never ever wore foundation before and love the look and protection that your products offer. My mother was so impressed at how easy they were to use that she will be ordering some makeup from your company when she comes back from her vacation! I also had a meeting to attend and didn't feel like doing the pantyhose thing so I applied a darker shade to my legs and voila -- instant pantyhose!What awesome products you have.

I must tell you that I LOVE this mineral makeup. I've had more that one person state, "My! I don't know what you've done, but you look so wonderful!" I'm on cloud nine! You see, I haven't really worn makeup for about 6 years! I did sometimes wear a little mascara and some lip tint, but that was all! So, for MORE than one person to say that I looked great and 'SO NATURAL' was a real boost for my self-esteem! Again, I just want to THANK YOU for this wonderful inexpensive product!

Hi, I received my order so quickly - what a surprise! I love the heavy glass jars and the brush is perfect for putting on the foundation. I am very pleased. I had previously been using another mineral makeup by a different (expensive) company, and though I liked it, the color was off a bit and it was too shiny. With your foundation, the color is perfect, the look is natural, and you cannot feel it at all on your skin! I have Rosacea and it covers beautifully! I love the Canary products and I'm thankful you are out there! I feel like I am doing something good for my skin every time I put it on! Thanks again!

I just want to thank you for the product quality. The evening that I received my sampler, I tried on the product. It was so easy and the results were beautiful. My husband came home later, and when he walked in he asked me why I looked so refreshed! He commented that I looked younger and "glowy". I am packing to go out of town, the only products going w/ me are lotion and your cosmetics. Thanks again.

Thank-you so much for being so fast!!!! I order it- and it's there in no time at all. Thank-you. Your products are great. I tried the samplers and fell in love with them, so then I ordered the bigger containers. I am very happy and will be ordering more in the future and recommending you to my friends and family!

The samples have arrived here today - WOW.... that is all I can say - they are SOOOOO beautiful :-)))) I am REALLY fond of your products. The medium I blend with my face cream/lotion - and then there are the *shiny* ones - OHHHHHH love, they are GORGEOUS - one just has to learn that you only need a SMALL AMOUNT to get the perfect result. I have tried it as lipstick - and it is SOOOOOO good - it sticks to the lips, and doesn't go anywhere :-))))

I just wanted to tell you how great of a product you have, and so cheap! I have been trying many kinds of mineral make-up for months. I have found that yours is the best by far. The fact that it is so affordable makes it even better. I want to thank you and tell you I will spread your product by word of mouth as much as possible. Thanks, a poor college student striving to look her best.It is so refreshing to see a small business dedicated to a pure natural product.

Just wanted to say your cosmetics are wonderful!!!!!! I was using (another company's) which cost a fortune and made my face shiny looking and my pores look enlarged. I am so happy I found your company. I have not had any irritations whatsoever. Plan to purchase other products in the near future. Thank you for such wonderful products.

Thank you so much for your wonderful product and website. I ordered your "yellow" foundation sampler and got in less than a week. I use "honey" for my foundation right now and "vanilla" for a concealer, when needed. I may end up using "almond" when my tan lightens or I can mix "honey" and "almond". And I love the 1 gram size jars. They're perfect for trying the product. Your product is better, your website makes ordering easier, your prices are more realistic and you're a Wisconsin company. Nothing against (another company), but I'm switching to Canary Cosmetics. Thanks again.

I just wanted to thank you for your quick product fulfillment. I placed an order with your company the same day I did with Skin Rx. Not only did their 2-day shipping cost as much as the makeup, I still haven't received theirs. Yours however, with the free shipping is here already.